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Leslie Cours Mather’s “I’m A Survivor” reaches Top 30 on the AC Chart before Christmas.

Top 30 AC Chart


“Leslie Cours Mather is back with a song to pull us together in these times of division and indecision. ‘We Are America’ should tug at the hearts of all Americans. With attacks from outside and inside, “We Are America” IS the song we need to hear.”

Dave Young

KDKD Radio

“Shades of Shania Twain combined with the mountain sweetness of the young Dolly Parton, the energy of Miranda Lambert, and the pitch-perfectness of Barbara Mandrell pretty much define her voice, and her delivery is on the money. The production on ‘Countrified’ is almost as much Southern rock as it is country, with piano and horns ala Skynyrd that give the record an extra jolt, along with some smokin’ Nashville country guitar.”

Rick Moore

Music News Los Angeles

“I think I have liked everything this gal has put out. This time around she applies her soulful, husky pipes to a punchy rocker about a wild child who looked an awful lot like her when she was tearin’ up the town last night. “That was the whiskey,” not her, in that red dress dancing on the table. Lots of verve. Lots of fun.”

Robert K. Oermann


“If you like country music, blended with soul and blues, you have to check out Leslie Cours Mather’s latest single, ‘Hell Hath No Fury.’ It showcases her vocal range and offers each listener an amazing insight to her true ability to bring a song to life. Hearing this song was a refreshing wake-up call that there is still great music being recorded, and there is no denying that it has the ability to rise straight to number one.”

Scott Sexton

One Stop Country

“. . . a sassy bold fun original song by rising artist, Leslie Cours Mather that shows a flirty gal working her magic on Santa. Leslie believes she has always tried to live in the moment and take each fork in the road as it comes. With influences ranging from Linda Ronstadt, Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood, Leslie brings a powerful unique vocal style all her own.”

Mary Kay Bruzek

Country Music Matters

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